The Norwegian Quidditch Association (NRF) is the governing body of quidditch in Norway. NRF shall promote the sport nationally and represent Norwegian quidditch internationally.

NRF can be contacted at nrf AT rumpeldunk DOT no or through the facebook page


The board is elected at the annual meeting and is to follow-through decisions made by the annual meeting as well as operating the organisation through the season. The board is the highest body between two annual meetings and makes decisions within the frameworks of the annual meeting.

The board has regular meetings, and minutes from them is publicly available here.


Stein Elgethun
stein AT rumpeldunk DOT no

Vice president

Johanne Steinlien
johanne AT rumpeldunk DOT no


Siri Bakken
siri AT rumpeldunk DOT no

Head of communications

Petter Elstad
petter AT rumpeldunk DOT no

Head of development

Line Vinje
line AT rumpeldunk DOT no

Tournament director

Annika Zangenfeind
annika AT rumpeldunk DOT no

Referee and snitch coordinator

Jørgen Stenløkk
jorgen AT rumpeldunk DOT no

General board member

Sjur Ask Bjelland
sjur AT rumpeldunk DOT no


The annual meeting is the highest body of NRF. The annual meeting sets guidelines for the board and votes on budget and statutes, as well as approves annual reports and accounts. In addition, the annual meeting elects the board for the upcoming season. Statutes for NRF can be read here.