New teams register by contacting Head of development at utvikling AT rumpeldunk DOT no. A team can register at any time, but to participate at the annual meeting, the team must be registered and membership fee paid before the start of the meeting. The annual meeting is held in Q2.


Membership costs NOK 350 per season per club (the season follows the school year, August to June). The membership fee is set by the annual meeting ahead of each season. Member clubs can send one delegate and one observer to the annual meeting.

Teams from member clubs pays a lower team fee at Oslo Open and the National Championships. In addition, the Norwegian Quidditch League is only open to teams from member clubs.


Teams that wants to qualify for the European Quidditch Cup (EQC) must be members of NRF and participate at Oslo Open the same season. The highest ranked teams at this tournament, that wishes to participate at EQC, are qualified, and Oslo Open rankings will decide the seeds on the spots Norway is allocated to the tournament. Only Norwegian teams may qualify to EQC through this tournament. Given that Oslo Open is the EQC qualifier, all teams needs to hand over their player roster ahead of the tournament. Non-compliance of this will disqualify the team for EQC spots.


For international transfers, policies by Quidditch Europe also applies.

The transfer window opens after the last official club match of one season and closes at the first official match of the next season. Official matches are any matches played at National Championships, Oslo Open, Norwegian Quidditch League and EQC. During this window, players may transfer as they please.

As soon as the season has started, transfers are prohibited, with the following exceptions:

  1. Players can transfer between teams in the same club, as long as only one, or none of the teams is qualified for EQC.
  2. Players that move, start or finish studies or have other large changes in life situations that makes a transfer logical, may do so
  3. Players who are uncomfortable at their current club due to social situations, harassment or other extraordinary circumstances may apply for a transfer
  4. If a player wishes to play at a Norwegian tournament for a different team than they are affiliated with, it may be allowed, if the reason for applying is the team’s ability to participate at the tournament or development of the level of the team, for example through having an experienced player helping a new team  or if they do not have enough players. A player may not play for an EQC qualified team through this exception.
  5. If the club a player is affiliated with does not send a team to a Norwegian tournament, the player may play for a different team at the tournament, as long as the receiving team is not qualified for EQC.

No players may play for more than one team at the same tournament, with the exceptions for transfers based on rule number 2 and 3, for the Norwegian Quidditch League.

Transfers based on rule number 2 and 3 will be assessed on a case by case basis, and the rules will be interpreted strictly.

All applications shall be sent to NRF for assessment, with exceptions for transfers on rule number 1.