The Norwegian Quidditch Association (NRF) processes personal data as an employer, as the sentral organisation of the sport with databases and in connection to our website, social media and IT systems. Privacy is a top leader responsibility, so all enquiries regarding to privacy can be sent directly to the current president at leder AT rumpeldunk DOT no.

We take your privacy seriously, and follow the current regulations for privacy to ensure your personal data’s integrity, availability and confidentiality. We store your information safe, and do not share your information unless you have consented to it.

This page gives you the information regarding which data NRF processes and what rights you have, being registered with us. NRF is the data controller for all processing we are in charge of. The president of NRF is responsible, and similar responsibility will be found in other parts of the organisation (teams and clubs).



Data on our members

To meet demands for transfers, international club play or national team, we process information about our members. These data include information given to us by teams and by players. This is data regarding name, contact information, age, nationality and gender. Gender is relevant due to quidditch inclusivity. To fulfill demands regarding genderrule, NRF mus know the genders of players. For the national team, NRF altso process data concering health, in the form of fitness tests and in some cases injuries.


Representatives and other physical entities

To stay in touch with our member teams, international organisations or to help establish new teams, we process name and contact information to representatives of these.


Web and social media

On our website we use cookies (see a list below). These are to make the website function properly. The third cookie is the only cookie set for visitors. This is deleted automatically when you close your browser. It checks whether you allow cookies or not in your browser. The other cookies are for administrators, and ensures that you get proper interaction with the site, stay logged in etc.


Sharing of personal data

We share personal data only when it is necessary. We must send rosters to the international associations, and we publish the roster of the national team (name and position exclusively). All other sharing of personal data is only done explicitely based on your consent.


Deleting of data and withdrawal of consent

We do not store personal data longer than our purpose allows us. If you wish to be deleted or removed, please send an email to leder AT rumpeldunk DOT no and we will remove you from our register.

Access to your information

You may, at any time, request access to your information. Send an email to leder AT rumpeldunk DOT no with what you wish to see.


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