Educated referees is an essential part of any sport. In quidditch especially, as there are a lot of different things happening at the same time. NRF wants to keep developing high level referees, and cooperates with International Referee Development Program (IRDP) to make this happen. This cooperation ensures that all members gets access to assistant- and snitch referee tests for free. To take the head referee test, the referee must pay €15.


Refereeing in quidditch

A quidditch match has multiple referees:

  • The head referee takes all final decisions in the match, and mostly follow quaffle play
  • At least two assistant referees is needed to follow the bludger play, and to assist the head referee
  • A snitch referee is needed to follow all the play around the snitch
  • In addition, goal referees and secretariat is needed to assist to keep an eye on the hoops as well as keeping time and score.


Become a referee

Even though most tournaments in Norway does not require you to certify, NRF strongly encourages you to take the tests. It will give you a stronger understanding of the rules, as well as being prioritized for reffing.

Here are some tips to get certified:

  1. Learn the rules. NRF follows the IQA rulebook, and these rules are the basis of the test.
  2. Send an email to dskoordinator AT rumpeldunk DOT no and request access to the tests.
  3. When you have recieved access, log in to IRDP to take the test.
  4. You can now access the assistant- and snitch tests. You have a total of six tries to pass a test. If you fail one attemt, you must wait one week to try again. Use that week to prepare for the next try!

All passed tests lasts until the rulebook is changed. This is expected to be August 2018.