Start a new team

Quidditch is a growing sport in Norway, and new teams are started regularly. If there is no teams around you, you can start one. It is easier than you think!

  1. Shoot us a message! We love to help with the practicalities. Either on Facebook or an email to utvikling AT rumpeldunk DOT no.
  2. Find people to play with. We recommend 10+ people to have a proper training, but we know it can be difficult to get people to show up in the beginning. Our experience is that players come along eventually, when they hear there is a new sport in town!
  3. Get equiptment. NRF can help in the beginning, either with tips on building hoops or by lending you equiptment for the first months. We also sell some equiptment to teams.


Why should I start a team?

Quidditch is a unique sport, and we find many who think it is a fun sport to play. We have players and teams on all levels – from the “fun way to stay active” to the “become the best in the world”. Quidditch is one of the few sports where all genders play together.

Playing team sports is more than just  being active. It’s being part of a team and bonding with your teammates. Together you’ll train to become better, and compete in league games and national tournaments. Quidditch gives you friends forever!