Ranking and selection of players

The selection committee will rank the skills of all participants after every training camp. The ranking will not be published, but will be available internally for players participating in the camp. The results of the evaluation will be the base of invitation for the next camp.

Invitations are sent 2-3 weeks ahead of each camp. An overview of invited players will be published when invitations are sent.

The ranking is done in categories of players and genders.

The number of players invited in each category is not fixed, but depends mainly on:

  1. Selection
    • The training camps are the committee’s main tool to select the final roster, with the best players. The camps are planned to give the best mix of training and player assessment possible. Players that either play well or develop well will have a high chance of getting selected in the next round.
  2. Training
    • Selection and teamplay depends highly on the quality of the training. Without strong players beside them and enough subs and intensity, both quality of training and grounds for assessment falls. The committee will therefore invite a troop of 25-35 motivated players to reach an optimal training camp. Players that contribute to the quality of training will be prioritized.
  3. Development
    • Training camps with the national team is a good arena to develop individual skills and team play for Norwegian players. The camps gives the opportunity to challenge individuals on a higher level, and the long term development of players is important both for the national team and for the quidditch community in Norway. Players who can benefit long term from participation will be prioritized to some extent.

Final selection

Normally the selection committee will normally choose:

8-9 male quaffle players
5-6 non-male quaffle players
3-5 male beaters
2-3 non-male beaters

Within these positions 2-3 seekers will be selected. The best seekers will be choses regardless of their skills in other positions.

For World Cup 2018, the committee selected 21 players and 4 reserves to travel to Italy to compete. Depending on the tournament rules, the reserves will step in when players are injured or otherwise unable to play.